With over 90% of children in the USA playing video games at least half an hour a day, over 22 million hours are spent daily in front of screens by children seeking interactive entertainment. Lasagna's goal is to move that interaction away from the screen, and into a family setting. We strive to increase face to face time between parents and children, all while doing so through the most entertaining of media - video games. Click on "Lasagna" to see my devpost submission!


With over 130 million people playing mini golf every year, it comes as no surprise that it is a billion dollar industry. This low liability and beginner friendly sport has not had any major changes in over a decade, until now. Lime's goal is to ease the scoring aspect of the game without taking away from the simple nature of mini golf. Click on "Lime" to see my devpost submission!

Watch In Motion

We wanted to make a low cost medical alert wearable that works on WiFi and Tropo. There are similar products on the market, but they are prohibitively expensive and impractical for low income households. We aim to create a product that can serve the need at significantly lower price points. Click on "Watch In Motion" to see my devpost submission!


In my web devlopment class, the final assignment was to make any website I wanted to, while learning a new web framework. I chose to learn Laravel, a framework for php. I loved the framework! It made php much better than what I had experienced before.

The premise of the site was a way to see how good of a typer you are. You can sign up and make an account on the site. Then, you can race against the clock with any default passage. Try to set the highscore!

*Note, I realized after that a website already exists with the same name and same gameplay. My project was different, and therefore still an amazing learning exprience! Click on "Typerracer" to see the github repo!


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