From 2007 until 2016, I spent my summertime in Minocqua, WI. I was both a camper and counselor at Camp Kawaga - an all boys sports camp. While there as a camper, my favorite activity was the target sports program.

The program at camp sparked my interest in the sports, and lead to me coming back on staff to be the head of the program. As a USA archery instructor, I have taught hundreds of children to shoot basic archery, and love to see their faces when they shoot their first bull’s eye!

Not only did I run the archery program, but I also helped to work at the waterfront as a lifeguard. The lifeguard job was great, because everybody loves swimming in a cool lake on a warm summer’s day. And yes, I am still certified to be a lifeguard!

Camp is where I spent nearly all my summers to date, and I could not have asked for it any other way. On that note, GO KAWAGA, BEAT MENOMINEE!!!

Building / Woodworking

"Fire" Alec yelled as we launched a tennis ball from our wooden trebuchet. I quickly released the launch mechanism, and the two of us looked at the sky to watch out tennis ball fly as any other 10-year old would. It took us about 8 seconds to realize that the ball never actually flew, and rather the launching mechanism broke. Looking back, maybe a 1x2 wooden plank was not the best choice as a counterweight arm.

Even though our first project was a failure, it sparked a want to succeed and make usable projects! To this day, I have built a bunch of projects that I am proud of. Some of those include a gravity powered go-kart, a water gun, a poker table, a dresser, and even a bunk bed that I had 2 campers use for 8 weeks!

Since then, I have built so many different projects. From drawers to drones, and coconuts to car models powered by hydrogen, I love taking the time to build a fun and challenging project!


Since 2004, I have spent a portion of my summers with archery. Weather the be shooting, teaching, or learning, I am always around archery. I am currently involved in my school’s archery program. I am both the Treasurer and coach of the team; I am a USA Archery certified instructor. I like to shoot a few styles, Olympic Recurve and Barebow.

Olympic Recurve is the style of archery shot in the Olympics. I like to shoot this style most, because I enjoy the simplicity of a recurve bow, but also like having the aid of my sights and other attachments. I do occasionally like to get rid of those sights and shoot barebow. It feels like a completely different sport, but brings me back close to what I initially learned archery with – a traditional bow.

Even though I have only ever shot target archery, I am interested in field archery because I love being outdoors. Mixing archery and hiking sound like a great afternoon to me! Until then, I will stick to what I know and love – hitting dead center 10’s on a target face from 70m (which unfortunately is an extremely rare occurrence).


Here are some of the certifications I have:
- American Red Cross CPR (Past)
- American Red Cross AED (Past)
- American Red Cross First Aid (Past)
- American Red Cross Lifeguard
- Staarguard Lifeguard
- USA Archery Instructor, Level 1


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